Diamond Setting Studio

Our unwavering commitment to precision, meeting deadlines, and exceeding client expectations is at the heart of our ethos. Your complete satisfaction with the outcomes of our craftsmanship here at Diamond Setting Studio.

Precious Metal Alloying

Gold, Silver, platinum and bespoke alloys

Rapid prototyping

Gold, Silver, platinum and bespoke alloys

Mould Making and casting

High quality same-day casting

Bespoke Design

Handmade and mass production runs


We specialise in all type of diamond and gemstone setting at Diamond setting studio. Our expert s have honed their skills over the years and use cutting edge machinery and tools to produce high quality results.

Design & Illustration

3D CAD design has revolutionised the jewellery industry. we design and create any bespoke jewellery with more choices and different patterns, offering you unlimited options.